Senior Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher Mrs Bridges
Head of School Mrs Oldham
Deputy Head Mrs Jeavons
Assistant Head / SENCo Miss Calder
Assistant Head / EYFS Lead Mrs Wright
Assistant Head  Miss Todd


 Admin Team

Business Support Manager Mrs Lawrie
Admin Assistant Mrs Pennington
Attendance Officer Mrs Mudassar
Admin/Fianace Officer Mrs Skelton


 Inclusion Team

SENCo Miss Calder
Pastoral Lead Ms Shaw
Learning Mentor Mr Bridgewood
Learning Mentor Mr Brocklesby
SEN TA  Miss Bi


Teachers, HLTAs and Teaching Assistants

Foundation Stage 

Leader: Mrs Wright

Foundation 1 (3Yr olds Nursery)

Teacher: Miss Gregory

Support Staff: Mrs Khan, Mrs Cliffe

Foundation 2 (4Yr olds Reception)

Teacher: Mrs Wright, Miss Smith, Miss McClean

Support Staff: Mrs White, Miss Barrett, Mr Bradford, Mrs Bailey, Miss Wood, Mr Horvath

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Leader: Mrs Wright

Year 2 Leader: Miss Pulman

Year 1

Teacher: Miss Hall (Class 1), Miss Hickson (Class 2)

Support Staff: Mrs Whitney (Class 1), Miss Patrick, Miss Webster (Class 2)

Year 2

Teacher: Miss Franklin (Class 3), Miss Pulman (Class 4) 

Support Staff: Mrs Webster (Class 3), Mrs Chamberlain (Class 4), Mrs Hussain, Mrs Lee (HLTA)

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Leader:                                                        Year 5 Leader: Miss Wardle

Year 4 Leader:                                                        Year 6 Leader: Miss Todd

Year 3

Teacher: Mr Jones (Class 5), Miss Cowen/Mrs Al-Muhammad (Class 6)

Support Staff: Miss Yafai, Miss Alazani (Class 5), Mrs Hussain (Class 6), Miss Dawson (HLTA)

Year 4

Teacher: Miss Pritchard / Mrs Wardell (Class 7), Mr Massey (Class 8)

Support Staff: Miss Gill (Class 7), Mrs Mussett (Class 8), Miss Dawson (HLTA)

Year 5

Teacher: Miss Wardle (Class 9), Miss Wilson (Class 10)

Support Staff: Mrs Gamble-Platts (Class 9), Mrs Norman  (Class 10)

Year 6

Teacher: Miss Todd, Mrs Wardell, Mrs Heald,  Miss Griffiths

Support Staff: Mr Ahmed,  Mrs O'Donnell 


Teacher: Ms Kachra (Modern Foreign Languages)

Slovak/Roma TA: Mr Horvath (EYFS), Mr Jakubik (KS1), Mr Tancos (KS2), Mrs O'Donnell (Y5-6), 

EAL Team: Mrs Mahmood (Y1), Miss Lee (Y2-3), Miss Dawson (Y4-5),