The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson with permission from MacMillan read by Miss Smith and friends


 Hi everyone! Follow this lovely story with Miss Smith.

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Mr Wolf’s Birthday Surprise by Colin Hawkins, permission from HarperCollins, read by Mr Bradford


Hi everyone! I wonder what Mr Wolf's surprise could be? Listen to Mr Bradford and find out! 

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Keeping active at home!


Hi everyone!  Here is a game for you to have a go at to keep you active while doing your learning at home.  Can you use a dice, or a random number generator, to choose a number and complete the exercise for 30 seconds. How many exercises can you do?  Can you challenge someone in your house to do more exercises than you? Download...

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British Sign Language Animal Signs!


 Hi everyone, would you like to learn some BSL signs for different animals? Join Janeene and have a go!

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Cottonwool Colin by Jean Willis and Tony Ross, read by Miss Hickson


 Read with permission of Andersen press.

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The Noisy Farm, by Axel Scheffler read by Mrs Whitney with permission of Campbell Books


Listen to Mrs Whitney read this story here! 

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MR WOLF PANCAKES by Jan Fearnley, read by Miss Webster with permission of Egmont Books


Listen to Miss Webster's story here! 

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I Don't Want To Go To bed! By Julie Sykes, read by Mrs Cliffe, with permission of Little Tiger


Listen to Mrs Cliffe reading this story here! 

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NoBot by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, read by Mrs Franklin with permission from Simon and Shcuster


Hi everyone, Mrs Franklin reads this story about NoBot, the Roboto with no bottom! 

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Mrs Oldham's Friday Celebration Assembly! 5.2.21!


 Hello you lovely people! It's this week's Friday celebration assembly! You are working SO HARD at home with your learning! It is great to see so many of your home learning packs, your emails back and of course see you on our zoom sessi0ons each week. I am so very proud of all that you are doing at home, and your teachers are too! You are awes...

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Mrs Bridges' animal jokes!


Get ready! This week, Mrs Bridges has chosen 10 of her favourite animal jokes to share with you! Send your best animal jokes back to your year group emails! 

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Friday celebration Assembly! 29.1.21!


Hello everyone! It has been SO GOOD to see so many of you this week on your zoom calls! They will happen at the same time for your year group each week on a Monday and Wednesday! We miss you lots. WEEK 5 begins on this Monday 1st Feb. Check out your home learning pack or the website for all of the sessions for each day! As always, stay safe, lots o...

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Make Me Smile by Gaby Murphy and Melanie Joyce, read by Miss Wood


 Miss Wood and Bobby the bear share another story for you to listen to!

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I am a Tiger by Carl Newson and Ross Collins, read by Miss Patrick


Hello everyone! Can you get comfy with your family and listen to this lovely story read by Miss Patrick? 

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Open Very Carefully A Book With A Bite by Nicola O'Byrne and Nick Bromley read by Mr Bradford


 This is a great story read by Mr Bradford!

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Sleep Little Pup by Jo Parry, read by Miss Wood


Join Miss Wood and Bobby the bear for another story! Do you sometimes find it difficult to sleep? Get cosy, and listen to Sleep Little Pup to find out how Little Pup drifts off into magical dreams! 

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Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss read by Mrs Bailey


We love Dr Seuss books! Mrs Baliey has chosen a fab one to read to you! 

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Charlie Cook's Favourite Book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, read by Mrs Pulman


Hi everyone! This is a great story by Julia Donaldson. We love Julia's books and Axel's illustrations! Get comfy and cosy and listen as Mrs Pulman reads the story. 

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British Sign Language - Gingerbread Man Story Map with Miss Smith!


Hi everyone! Can you learn the BSL signs for the story of the Gingerbread Man? Can you join in the story with Miss Smith too? 

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The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield read by Miss Hickson


This is a beautiful story of a bear who finds a piano and learns to play. Find out the adventure he goes on because of his love of music. 

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