Origami Instructions


  Keep yourself busy this half term with some origami - Taka a look at the ones we have suggested below or take a look at the website for more ideas! Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here

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Wooden Medallion And A Bug Hunt!


Head out and see what you can find in the woods - Create your own picture on wood slices or go on a bug hun! What exciting things can you do in the woods? Take some photos and send them to pastoral @owlerbrook.sheffield.sch.uk  Download PDF File Here

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Mosaic Pictures


 Have a go at creating your own mosaic pictures Cut up coloured paper, magazines or newspapers and create a new picture using old ones! Let us know how you have got on and email your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Pop Bottle Fire Fly


 Keep the creativity glowing with these glow-in-the-dark fireflies. What you'll need Water Bottles or Pop Bottles Tissue Paper Glow Sticks Pipe Cleaners Googly Eyes Foam Sheets Mod Podge Glue or foam Brush Glue What to do: Cut a sheet of tissue paper into 1 inch strips. Brush glue over the bottle and around the bottle wrap a piece of tissue pa...

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Spring Pop Up cards

These spring pop up cards are really easy to create! Have a go and see what interesting cards you can make! Send a photo of your creations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Download PDF File Here

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Painted Pine Cones


Go out exploring in the woods to find yourself a pine cone! Then take it home to decorate! What designs can you create? Send your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Egg Carton Project!


 Here's a fun craft for kids! Recycle an egg carton into some adorable turtles and caterpillars! We can't decide which animal we like best. For this project, you'll need: Egg cartonsPaint – we used acrylic, but tempera paint is less stainingPom poms for the turtle headsGoogly eyesPipe cleaners for the turtle legs and the caterpillar antennasGr...

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Water Bottle Bird Feeders


 Use an old plastic bottle to create your bird feeder!! Using scissors cut some holes in the side to fit a wooden spoon or lollipop stick for the birds to perch on.Fill with bird foodPut the lid back onTie some string around the top of the bottle and hang outside. Don't forget to send a photo of your creations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.....

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Easter Mini Egg Cookies


Have a go at these tasty treats using some of your eggs!! Ingredients 175g butter , softened200g light brown soft sugar100g golden caster sugar1 tbsp vanilla extract1 large egg250g plain flour½ tsp bicarbonate of soda50g white chocolate , chopped into chunks100g bar dark chocolate , chopped into chunks100g mini chocolate eggs , lightly crushed with...

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Eid Decorations - Clay Stars


Create bright, shining celebratory decorations for your home this Eid using air drying clay! It's so simple to get to grips with this craft as a beginner, and is a fantastic project that will span over around a week in short bursts which makes it perfect for kids. Use the free star template download at the bottom of this ideas page to cut out and s...

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Holiday Activities!


 Here at Owler Brook Primary School  we  are working together with the People keeping well team, to help support our families. On offer this Easter we have a limited amount of activity packs that you can collect for your child. We are also offering activity sessions on Wednesday 6th April for key stage 1 and Thursday 7...

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Firvale community hub-supporting our community


 Firvale community hub are working with the Healthy Holidays scheme to help support families through Easter Download PDF File Here

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Family Learning


 Please take a look at the April Newsletter for Family Learning. There has been lot's happening! Competitions and puzzles for you to get involved in! Learning at home Keeping Fit! The following link will take you to the newsletter https://llssheffield.padlet.org/Dawn_Kirby/2qt7f5i9luh0p5i1 We hope your enjoy!

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Staying mentally healthy


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Dealing with loss


How to make Paper Doll | Easy nested doll for kids - YouTube Easy to make nested paper doll for kids. You can decorate it yourself at will, make different sizes colors at wish :) You will only need paper, and basic too... https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=Wj1QZAVDu1I NUOBESTY 5pcs Blank Unpainted Wooden Nesting Dolls DIY Dolls Russian Ne...

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Mindfulness exercise


Try this fun activity in mindfulness through drawing. Draw a single, un-interrupted line with your non-dominant hand (the hand you dont write with). You might struggle at first but when you get the hang of it is feels great and it is really relaxing when you just let it flow.

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Family Learning- Support with Home Learning


 Lockdown can be a struggle. If you are feeling bored or isolated, struggling with home schooling, fancy having a go at a new activity or just want a chat, why not join Family Learning at their online café, run on Zoom by their friendly team of tutors. Why not complete the following form for support Family Learning Referral Form Download PDF F...

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Home activity.


Here is a YouTube video explaining how to do this awesome experiment at home. Have a go from the comfort of your own home and show us.

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Mr Bridgewood's Interactive Space

Click here to visit Mr Bridgewood's Interactive space, where you can find some activities to help you get back to the Green zone! 

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Managing our worries

We all have worries sometimes and this is OK, but to much worry is not good especially when this is all we can think about. The learning mentors have put together some advice, stories and mindful activities on our learning mentor blog to guide you through what you can do and how you can control your worries. Take a look and begin to learn how to ma...

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