Staff end of term water fight!


Despite it being the "coldest and wettest" day of the record breaking heatwave week in the UK, no end of the school year would be the same without the OB team's traditional water fight. We even got Mrs Jeavons this year! Here are a few action shots...!

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Families v Teachers Football Match 2022!


It was back! The infamous summer teachers v parents football match. And the staff had the previous 10-0 win to uphold....! Mrs Webster kept time and the Malik families, with our Year 6 children, battled against Mr Lukas and his staff team, Miss Norman was out on the wing, Mrs Bridgewood in goal It was great fun! Sadly ...

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Science Fair


This term has been our Science driver across school and we’ve ended with a bang in the form of a Science Fair! We have been using our BLP skills to complete group projects as well as individual tasks based around our theme. Come and take a look this morning - make sure to wander past the garden to see the FS science in action too!

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Pop up performance with Fir Vale! 30.6.2022


Hi everyone, Fir Vale secondary organised a pop up performance with some of the primary schools. They held this just outside the Lloyd Street gate entrance. Our FS pirates were amazing! It was great to see some of our old pupils from OB too! Fir Vale have put together this short video!

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Hot Chocolate - Be Team Players 14 July 2022


Hi everyone, so sorry I have had some technical issues this last couple of weeks getting the Hot Chocolate uploaded! We have been Team Players this last fortnight and had an amazing time in our sports days across school too!  

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Year 4 go wild in Ecclesall Woods!

Year 4 have taken a walk into the woods today to look at ways we can help our local environment. We have talked about conservation, food chains, habitats and ecosystems. We made shelters and critiqued them.

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The Big Toddle

We all had a great time. Thank you everyone.  Download PDF File Here

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Y1 Crabtree Ponds Pictures!

Year 1 had a great time at Crabtree Ponds last week! We enjoyed learning the names of some of the plants and animals that live in our local area, as well as seeing what we could find living in the pond! Here are some pictures of our day!

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Y1 Home Learning Summer Term

Hello Koalas and Kangaroos! Here is the home learning for Summer term if you are absent from school! Please ask if you have any questions! Lots of love Miss Hall xxx  Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here

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Year 3 Art

This week, we have practised blending and mixing oil pastels to help us create our own art work in the style of Georga O'Keefe. 

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Hedgehogs and Squirrels Newsletter Week 4

Enter your text here ... Download PDF File Here

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Arches Partnership Games


This week, some of the Y6's have been to Concord Sport Centre to take part in the Arches Partnership Games.  Some of the sports included cycling, hockey, cricket, golf, gymnastics and swimming!! The children had a great day in the sunshine! 

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Hot Chocolate and a Chicken Update! 23.6.22


Hello everyone! It's Hot Chocolate - Be Honest this week! It has been very warm this week again in school with the hot weather. Please wear a cool school T-shirt, shorts or summer school dresses, or cool summer uniform Its a bit of a chicken update for you all too - they have laid 8 eggs in two days! Lots of love, Mrs O x 

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Year 3 Home Learning Activity

Could you read the time on the analogue clock? Could you check the hour hand and then the minute hand? Could you draw the correct time on the analogue clock? Remember, the hour hand is shorter than the minute hand.  Download PDF File Here

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Year 2 Home learning Summer term


 Here is your home learning for the rest of the summer term, Year 2!  Remember to show your teachers your learning each week, and remember to bring your book bag to school each Friday to change your books! :)  Mrs Pulman and Miss Stokes x  Here is your home learning if you are in Mrs Pulman's maths group.  Download PDF File...

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Year 3 making a plant pot

In year3 we have been making clay pots using the coil method. 

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Y6 super sketching!

Check out some of the amazing art work Y6 has been creating this week! 

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Y6 Home Learning Summer term

Hi Y6! As your time at Owler Brook  draws to an end, we thought it would be nice to create some memory trees all about your favourite times at Owler Brook.  We would love to have some up in the class room, and share some at our leavers assembly!  Download PDF File Here

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Y3 Home Learning Summer Term


The teachers of year 3 have made you some home learning to complete.   Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here Download PDF File Here

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EGG-citing news!


Hello everyone! I promised I would update you with a chick update as soon as we got our first eggs! Well, this weekend, Big Brown laid her first egg! Then either Henrietta, or Barbara have too! Its really egg-citing! Here is a quick update from our chicken hut! Hot chocolate Core Value is Respect All this week too! Lots of love, Mrs O x 

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