Science Fair


This term has been our Science driver across school and we’ve ended with a bang in the form of a Science Fair! We have been using our BLP skills to complete group projects as well as individual tasks based around our theme. Come and take a look this morning - make sure to wander past the garden to see the FS science in action too!

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The Big Toddle

We all had a great time. Thank you everyone.  Download PDF File Here

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Foundation Stage Bookbags!


Hello everyone! Mrs Wright tells us all about our new bookbags and home reading books that your child in Foundation Stage will be bringing home with them! If you have any questions about reading at home, please see any of the Foundation Stage teachers! Thank you and happy reading! Mrs O x

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Foundation Stage Christmas songs!


 Here are our EYFS children singing their Christmas songs!

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Key Stage 1 Christmas songs!


Here are our festive songs around the tree!

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Key Stage 1 Christmas Performance!


Here is or Christmas Carol, by KS1! Our children and staff in Year 1-3 have worked so hard in putting together their Winter Performance this year! Enjoy! x 

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The Grinch, by Dr Seuss, read by the OB team, with permission from Random House Publisher


HAPPY HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! We wish you all the very best Christmas Holiday! Stay safe with your families and friends this Christmas, see you all on the 5th January! Lots of love from Mrs Oldham and everyone at Owler Brook xxx 

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FS2 meet Father Christmas!

Good Morning Hedgehogs and Squirrels! I heard you went to meet Father Christmas in our Forest School yesterday! How exciting! He told me that you had sung some lovely winter songs for him, he was so pleased. I wonder if he sang them to his elves when he went back to the North Pole? Here are some photos for you to look at, you all look very happy!&n...

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Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 PICNIC!


Hi everyone, here are some pictures and clips from our picnic on Thursday with Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2! We had an amazing time! 

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Children's University -Summer holidays!


 The summer holidays are almost upon us and we at Sheffield CU have got our families covered! Alongside the Festival of Fun 2021, we're really pleased to be able to bring you our CU Passport Activity Newsletter - The CU Festival of Fun PLUS! which is full of activities, events and ideas to keep your children, young people and families occupied...

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Try not to laugh challenge with Mrs Bailey


Hi everyone, Mrs Bailey tells some HILARIOUS jokes, but the challenge is.....DON'T LAUGH! 

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Football's coming home.........


Hi everyone, we are all VERY excited for the England final this weekend! Here is a great BSL signed version of the classic song! Get joining in!

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Transition for our new Year 1's!

Hello Squirrels and Hedgehogs, we are so excited to meet you in September! Here is a video to introduce ourselves and read you one of our favourite stories! See you all soon... Miss Hall and Miss Hickson xxx 

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Hedgehogs and Squirrels Newsletter Week 3

Read about our latest learning here.  Download PDF File Here

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Hedgehogs and Squirrels Newsletter Week 2

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Squirrels and Hedgehogs new Theme -Water World.

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Squirrels and Hedgehogs Weekly newsletter Week 1

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Keep active with Netflex!


Hi everyone! Here is a really great resource to use to keep yourself active. Click on the picture just like you would do on Netflix, and it will take you to a video to get you moving!   Download PDF File Here

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Hedgehogs and Squirrels Weekly Newsletter Week 2

Enjoy thinking about our learning this week.  Download PDF File Here

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Hedgehogs and Squirrels Weekly Newsletter week 1

Download PDF File Here

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