Science Fair


This term has been our Science driver across school and we’ve ended with a bang in the form of a Science Fair! We have been using our BLP skills to complete group projects as well as individual tasks based around our theme. Come and take a look this morning - make sure to wander past the garden to see the FS science in action too!

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Foundation Stage Christmas songs!


 Here are our EYFS children singing their Christmas songs!

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Key Stage 1 Christmas songs!


Here are our festive songs around the tree!

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Key Stage 1 Christmas Performance!


Here is or Christmas Carol, by KS1! Our children and staff in Year 1-3 have worked so hard in putting together their Winter Performance this year! Enjoy! x 

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The Grinch, by Dr Seuss, read by the OB team, with permission from Random House Publisher


HAPPY HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! We wish you all the very best Christmas Holiday! Stay safe with your families and friends this Christmas, see you all on the 5th January! Lots of love from Mrs Oldham and everyone at Owler Brook xxx 

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Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 PICNIC!


Hi everyone, here are some pictures and clips from our picnic on Thursday with Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2! We had an amazing time! 

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Children's University -Summer holidays!


 The summer holidays are almost upon us and we at Sheffield CU have got our families covered! Alongside the Festival of Fun 2021, we're really pleased to be able to bring you our CU Passport Activity Newsletter - The CU Festival of Fun PLUS! which is full of activities, events and ideas to keep your children, young people and families occupied...

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Try not to laugh challenge with Mrs Bailey


Hi everyone, Mrs Bailey tells some HILARIOUS jokes, but the challenge is.....DON'T LAUGH! 

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Football's coming home.........


Hi everyone, we are all VERY excited for the England final this weekend! Here is a great BSL signed version of the classic song! Get joining in!

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Mrs Gregory investigates forest school


 Today, Mrs Gregory takes her binoculars into forest school. She uses them to see what she can see, just like in our story Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I wonder What she finds in forest school? Why not use your binoculars and discover what you can see in your garden. We would love to know what you find. Maybe you could use the rainbow fan and ...

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Miss Wood makes binoculars!


Watch this amazing craft video, which shows you how to make binoculars. Maybe you can take these outside in your garden to see what you can see. You will need these for tomorrow's learning job, with Mrs Gregory! Please send in pictures of your creations, we can't wait to see them. 

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Miss Barrett's phonics


Hi everyone, Join Miss Barrett with her phonics session, learning all about objects and the different sounds that they make. Please share a picture of the everyday items you find at home that make different sounds.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,sch,uk Have fun nursery friends.

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Nursery home learning 21/6/21


Hi everyone hope you are all well. Here is the home learning for this week.  Our story is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You see? By Bill Martin Jnr. This is one of my favourite books, I hope you enjoy it too. Please remember to send in all your work fs@This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. See you all soon.  The Nursery Teachers Download PDF ...

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Keep active with Netflex!


Hi everyone! Here is a really great resource to use to keep yourself active. Click on the picture just like you would do on Netflix, and it will take you to a video to get you moving!   Download PDF File Here

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Little Miss Hug by Roger Hargreaves, read by Mrs Oldham with permission from HarperCollins


 Hi everyone, in a world where we can't hug each other at the moment, I am sending you all a virtual hug with this "Little Miss" story from the Mr Men collection. Love from Mrs O x

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Happy Easter from the FS team!


 Look at our FS Easter Bunnies wishing all our FS friends a very Happy Easter! Stay safe, lots of love, Mrs O x

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Play Kim's game, with Mrs Gregory


Hello everyone, we can't wait to see you all on Monday. We have missed you all so much.  Today, I would like you to play Kim's game with me. click here to find out what you need to do, then play this game at home with a family member. Good Luck

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Nursery - Mrs Cliffe and her tortoise, Lionel!


Good morning nursery friends, this morning you are in for a real treat! As you know, from Mrs Cliffe's challenge, not only does she live with Mr Cliffe and her 2 daughters, there is also a special animal called Lionel that lives with them as well! Click here to find out how Mrs Cliffe looks after her tortoise. 

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Mrs Gregory - Rainbow story challenge


Good morning everyone, Today I would like you join me talking about a page in our owl babies story.   Then with a family member, choose a page from your favourite book and use the rainbow fan to talk about the things you can see, hear or  feel  from your story. Have a try and see what words you can think of.

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Mrs Cliffe Challenge!


Mrs Cliffe has a special learning job today. Click to watch the clip and find out what you need to do. Don't forget you can bring in your work on Monday 29th March or send it through to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., We look forward to seeing your work. 

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