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Return to School Film 4 - PPE

Hello everyone, hope you have had a lovely and safe weekend! Please watch this video to show you the PPE (personal protective equipment) we have throughout school that we will be using where needed, to help keep you, your families and school staff safe. Lots of love, Mrs O x 
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Return to School Film 3 - Reception and Nursery

Hello everyone, In this film, we show you how Reception and Nursery children will come into school and how we have changed the provision in Foundation Stage to keep everyone as safe as possible when we are able to return. Stay safe everyone, we miss you lots. Mrs O x 
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Mrs O's Friday Assembly 22.5.20!

Hello everyone, we miss you so much! Hope you are all OK. Lots of lovely things to share with you that you have been doing at home this week! Thank you! Also an update on the next few films that I will be doing. These will show you our plans for the safe return to school. Until then, stay safe at home, lots of love to you and your familie...
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Return to school Film 2 - Signs around school

Hello again everyone! Hope you are all OK. Please watch this second film on the signs around school. In this, I will show you what social distancing and safety signs we have up to help protect you, your children our families and staff in school. I also show you how we will operate a one way system through the playground at the start and end of the ...
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Return to School Film 1 - Classroom Layout Y1-6

Hello everyone! Hope you are all OK this week. Please watch the first of our films on how we will be planning to reopen our classrooms, to welcome some of our children safely back in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated as always throughout in terms of when and how we will be doing this. In this first short film, you can see ho...
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Mrs O's Friday Assembly 15.5.20!

 It's Friday! It's assembly time! Lots of lovely things to share with you today as always, as well as some important information for your families. Stay safe, lots of love, Mrs O xxxP.S.. I've had to record this one Thursday morning so if you have sent anything in to your teachers to put on your year group blogs that I have not had chance to s...
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Mrs O's Friday assembly 8.5.20!

It's Friday, happy bank holiday weekend! Here's a joke for you all from me (and Mr O!) Loads of amazing learning again this week - check out the challenges for next week at the end! Stay safe, miss you all! x 
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Mrs Oldham's Friday Assembly 1.5.20

It's Friday! We miss you all sooooooo much! Loads of great things to share this week! 
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Mrs Oldham's Friday Assembly 24.4.20!

SO many fab things to share with you this week, I have tried to include as much as possible that had been sent up to yesterday. I have added some more great learning to the end of the assembly too. Great ideas for next week for you to try at home too as well as a quick guide to the website. Have a lovely weekend everyone! 
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Mrs Oldham's Friday Assembly 17.4.20

Watch Mrs Oldham's Friday Assembly here! Lovely learning and Easter Creations to share with you today!
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Mrs Oldham's Easter Assembly #1!

It's a hat parade! See some of our creative hats as well as lots of other things that you have been doing at home. Keep sending in pictures of your Easter creations for #2 next Friday! 
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Mrs Oldhams' Lockdown Assembly

Join Mrs Oldham and the rest of the Owler Brook Primary School on Fridays for a Owler Brook Lockdown Assembly!This week, Mrs Oldham talks about why we have to stay in and invites you to help her plan how we at Owler Brook are going to do our weekly Assemblies on our new blog.
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