Harvest Quiz Part 1!

Here are the first 16 fruits and veggies from all your teachers! Who is who and what are they describing?! Have fun! 
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Harvest Quiz Part 2

 Here are the last 16 fruits and veggies from us! Happy Harvest!
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Harvest Quiz Answers!

 See who had which fruit or vegetable! How many did you get right?
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Hot Chocolate Wednesday 20.10.21 Be Enthusiastic!

 Hello everyone, you have all been just so awesome at being Ruby Rhino resilient this half term - children and grown ups too. 8 weeks is a looong half term but that's not stopped you trying your very best, and being enthusiastic in all that you have been doing, We are all so very proud of you even when its been tricky. Keep safe over the half ...
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Celebration Assembly! 15.10.21

Hi everyone, we have prerecorded this week's celebration, find out all about our learning and respect awards here! Congratulations to you all! Have a lovely weekend, keep safe, love Mrs O x 
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Hot Chocolate Wednesday 13.10.21! Respect All

Hi everyone, here is our Core Value "Respect All" for our hot chocolate this week. I've shared some lovely kindness quotes from one of my fave books as well as some messages about respect. They all link together. Keep just being KIND...if I could add an emoji, it would be a heart right here! Lots of love and kindness to you all, Mrs O x 
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Lucky Tray Day Winners 8.10.21!

 Hi everyone, we had our Lucky Tray Day on Thursday, here are our winners from the number generator! Everyone who had a school meal on Thursday was allocated a number. Mrs Bridges was upset she had missed out in her school dinner on Thursday, so she got up to her usual silliness!
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Celebration Assembly 8.10.21!

Hello everyone! It's our Celebration Assembly! Take a look at the brilliant things we have all been doing this week. We are so very proud of you all. As always, have the best weekend and stay safe! Lots of love, Mrs O x 
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It's our Hot Chocolate Assembly "Respect All" 6.10.21!

 Hello everyone! Here is this week's Core Value "Respect All" Despite the wind and the rain you have all been totally awesome this week. Please keep safe in the darker evenings too now we are heading into the next few months. Love as always, Mrs O x
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Celebration Assembly 1.10.21!

Hi everyone! It's October already! You have been amazing this week in your classes, thank you so much. You have all been working so hard. here are our fabulous nominations for our learning and respect awards for this week! Congratulations! As always, have a lovely weekend, stay safe, lots of love, Mrs O x 
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Hot Chocolate 29.9.21 Aim High!

 Hi everyone, here is our Core Value "Aim High" for this week!
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Celebration Assembly 24.9.21!

Hello everyone, sorry this wasn't up on Friday - a few technical issues! Here is our Friday celebration zoom assembly from this week! You have been amazing as always! Lots of love, Mrs O x 
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Hot Chocolate Wednesday 22.9.21! Aim High!

Hi everyone, its our first "Aim High" core value this term! Here are some amazing people from history and from current times that have aimed high to achieve their dreams, despite the challenges they might have had to overcome. And of course our amazing nominations in our classes this week! Lots of love to you all, Mrs O x 
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Celebration Assembly 10.9.21!

It's our first celebration zoom assembly of September 2021! We are keeping our assemblies on zoom or pre recorded for now in line with current precautions. It has been just awesome this first full week in school. Everyone has been working so hard and having the best time too. As always, keep safe, Love Mrs O! x 
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Hot Chocolate Wednesday! 15.9.21 Be Team Players!

 Hi everyone, we have had an amazing week so far, we have continued our Core Value - Be Team Players this week. Year 1's worked so brilliantly as a team in their very first brain box this week too! See you all in Celebration on Friday, lots of love, Mrs O x
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Hot chocolate assembly 8.9.2021!

 Its our first Core Value assembly "Be Team Players" of the new academic year! You have all been totally AWESOME since coming back to school. Its been just ace having you all in, being back together in our amazing OB family. X
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Welcome back! September 2021!

 Hello everyone, we have missed you so much over the summer! We hope you have all had the best time with your families and friends during the holiday. It has been so good to see all our families again! Here is a quick update of information about things in school from September. If you need any help or advice, or anything at all, we are all her...
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Welcome Back Assembly 2.9.2021!

 Helloooooooo! We are so excited to be back in school again in September! We have missed you all loads and can't wait to find out what you have been up to over the summer holidays. Lots of love, Mrs O x
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Vaccination Clinic 10th-15th August at the Vestry Hall Burngreave

Hi everyone, I hope you are all OK and having a lovely summer! Here are details that the NHS has shared of a vaccination clinic in Burngreave for anyone over the age of 18 needing a first or second Covid vaccination. As always, stay safe, lots of love, Mrs O x  Where: Burngreave Vestry Hall on Burngreave Road  When: Tuesday 10th – Sunday ...
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It's our KS2 Picnic! 16.7.21

What an incredible last day we had in the sunshine for our KS2 picnic! It was our Y6's very last day too at OB and we wish them all the best of love and luck at secondary school. Remember your OB family is always here for you. Have the best summer, keep safe as always, love Mrs O x 
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