Mrs Farmer
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I'm Mrs Farmer and work at Whiteways Primary school and I enjoy baking elaborate cakes but also baking with my daughter. I have started running recently to help me stay fit but also as a way to balance my thoughts - exercise is good for that! I encourage you to go out and do more of what makes you happy!

Mr Brocklesby 
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I’m Mr Brocklesby and I work at Owler Brook School. I enjoy singing. This keeps my mind healthy, research proves that singing your favourite song can decrease anxiety, stress and depression. It can also help with memory, concentration and language. So have a go and enjoy!



Mr Bridgewood
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Hi, I’m Mr Bridgewood my room is the Super Hero Room next to Class 13, at Owler Brook School. I love being outside especially in the wilderness. I like rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, walking in the mountains and peak district. My favourite films are Star Wars and Super Heroes. I have two young children and a Little Chocolate Cocker Spaniel called Luna.


Mrs Ahmed
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Hi, I am Mrs Ahmed I work at Whiteways School and enjoy every minute there. I really enjoy reading. I love making people laugh. I feel like I want to sprinkle a bit of magic on everyone and make their day better! You can usually find me either on the playground or in the learning mentor’s room. I’m here to help, so if you need a chat please come and find me.



Mr Hizam
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Hi there, I am Mr Hizam one of the learning mentors at Whiteways Primary school. I am here to help pupils and parents / carers with any problems or concerns they may have. The photos above are me taking the opportunity to get out into the great outdoors with part of my family. I love being outside in the fresh air and appreciating nature.


Ms Shaw
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Hi there, I am Ms Shaw and I am the Pastoral Manager across Owler Brook Primary School and Whiteways Primary School. I work with supporting families and the Learning Mentors.
I really enjoy working with everyone. When I am not at work I like to bake, cake decorate and go walking or running. I find these activities relaxing. I love animals and especially dogs, I love looking after other people’s dogs and baking dog treats.
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