Vaccination Clinic 10th-15th August at the Vestry Hall Burngreave


Hi everyone, I hope you are all OK and having a lovely summer! Here are details that the NHS has shared of a vaccination clinic in Burngreave for anyone over the age of 18 needing a first or second Covid vaccination. As always, stay safe, lots of love, Mrs O x 

Where: Burngreave Vestry Hall on Burngreave Road 

When: Tuesday 10th – Sunday 15th August Times: 11:15am – 6:30pm. 

What: 1st and 2nd doses of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca 

Who: Anyone over the age of 18. No GP registration or identification required. 

How: No appointment needed, you can drop in anytime. 

Grab the Jab - walk in clinic at Vestry Hall Burng...
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