Eid Decorations - Clay Stars


Create bright, shining celebratory decorations for your home this Eid using air drying clay! It's so simple to get to grips with this craft as a beginner, and is a fantastic project that will span over around a week in short bursts which makes it perfect for kids.

Use the free star template download at the bottom of this ideas page to cut out and shape your decorations before adding tonnes of personality by painting your favourite colours! Add stickers, glitter, POSCA paint pen doodles and more to spell out your desired message. Pop in a plant or a pot to add cheer to any part of your home. You'll create wonderful keepsakes to bring out time after time.

How to make.

Step One

Pull a chunk of clay off of the block and warm up in your hands. Use a rolling pin to roll out the clay until it is around 1cm thick.

Step Two

Cut out a star templates and use to mark around the clay- or go freehand! Then cut out the star shapes

Step Three

Press one of the dowels into one clay star about half way as pictured, then place the second star on top to make a clay star sandwich!

Step Four

Once completely dry you have an optional step to take some fine sandpaper to smooth down any rough edges and shape the clay further.

Step Five

Time to paint!

Step Six

Once dry you can use letter stickers to spell out your name or a greeting. We've spelt out 'Happy Eid!' and 'Eid Mubarak!!!'.

Step Seven

They're ready to shine! The dowels mean that these decorations will look gorgeous stuck pride of place into a potted plant. You could also fill a vase with sand and pop them into the vase.

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